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'once again Belinda and her sidekick Hazel struggle to crack the case - painstakingly sifting the clues from the red herrings, coping with personal hitches, and facing deadly menace along the way'


Begging for a TV series.., December 6, 2010

By M. J. Whitford (Adelaide, South Australia) - AMAZON

I like most crime fiction, but the sub-genre of the 'cosy' is just about my favourite. Brian Kavanagh has become an adept at this type of novel, and the fact that he uses the same characters, so that we see their personal stories and their relationships develop, really adds something.

Of course Brian is also adept at weaving in history. So far he's dealt with myseries involving Capability Brown, the Bayeux Tapestry and now the murder of Thomas a Becket in Canterbury Cathedral.

As usual, "A Canterbury Crime" kicks off with the Odd Couple of Belinda Lawrence and Hazel Whitby getting involved thru their antiques business. They are valuing the late Prof de Grey's household contents when almost at once there's a hint that de Grey's "heart attack" death might have been something more sinister. From there the story is off and running, as the cleverly dropped clues lead Belinda and Hazel to unravel a callous murder. Woven thru the crime part of the story is Belinda's love affair with the gorgeous Mark Sallinger, who's now a baronet, proposing formally to Belinda. But she's still got her old boyfriend Brad back in Australia... The author is not letting go of that sub-plot in a hurry.

I'm pretty good at spotting whodunnit in crime novels, but I didn't in this one. And when for various tedious reasons I had to put the book aside for 2 days I was furious not to be able to get on with it. For me it ended too suddenly, so I'll have to wait for the next one to get my fix.

But what a TV series this'd make, with the contrasting main characters, and the clever, historically based plots and the weirdness of the people who come and go, and may or may not turn out to be the murderer. I once told Caroline Graham her books'd make a great series, and now they are "Midsomer Murders", so let's hope Kavanagh has the same luck.

A damn good read.

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